Professional Pathways in Bridgewater and Pitman, New Jersey

How does SALA aid its scholar athletes in their pursuit of a career in professional athletics? The answer to that question—how to go pro—might seem counterintuitive. Rather than focusing mainly on the student’s athletic dreams, the educators and coaches at SALA teach that a balanced approach to both academics and sports is best. Young athletes engage in a course of self-directed academic learning, as well as two high-level athletic training sessions per day. With a guiding philosophy of balance and flexibility, and the many resources available, students find an environment where they can realize their dreams at Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy in Bridgewater and Pitman, New Jersey.

Club Neutral Approach

While scholar-athletes proudly represent SALA in competitive school matches, there’s no pressure to play on a specific team or enter a competition on behalf of school athletics at SALA. In this way, scholar athletes can maintain their positions on club teams while continuing to engage in the high level of competition that can support entry to professional sports. In fact, 85 percent of students have a pro club experience while at SALA. This integrated approach allows scholar athletes to pursue academic excellence and athletic proficiency, as well as maintain participation in already-established club teams or individual sports competitions.

Schedule for Success

With access to one-on-one teaching and an eight-to-one scholar athlete to teacher ratio, it’s possible to develop a school schedule that allows athletic and academic achievement at SALA. The fully accredited curriculum utilizes the American High School (AHS) online educational platform, traditional classroom teaching, and individualized, one-on-one study programs. This dynamic arrangement allows each scholar athlete to develop a school schedule that works for their life, including club commitments, academic learning, and the twice-daily athletic coaching they receive at SALA.

College and Career

At SALA, the graduation rate is 100 percent. In addition, of those who apply, 100 percent of scholar athletes are accepted to college. These statistics reflect the resources and level of commitment students find at SALA. The faculty and coaches have a clear understanding of how important it is to prepare students as scholars as well as athletes, and that academics are crucial for their futures. Participation in college athletics can be a pathway to professional sports, as well as scholarship opportunities, and by entering college, SALA graduates open exciting doors to possibilities in athletic achievement and careers, as well as other fields of study.

Focus on Leadership & Decision-Making Through Productive Struggle

As is reflected in the name of the school, the scholar athletes at SALA are encouraged to be leaders. Learning leadership skills helps strengthen character and develop resiliency. The curriculum is designed to increase important abilities related to making decisions. For example, at SALA an arena is provided where scholar athletes can plan their own schedules, making decisions about how and when classwork is done. They also have access to mentors, both students and faculty, who don’t strictly solve problems, but rather encourage self-direction and growth through productive struggle. With less dependency on others, SALA scholar athletes are better prepared for life, as well as college and any future athletic careers.

How to Go Pro in Bridgewater and Pitman, New Jersey

Scholar athletes face many challenges, but at SALA they receive encouragement while learning skills and tools that will help them succeed. A balanced approach to the school day that incorporates twice daily athletic training, a flexible academic curriculum, and allows time for club responsibilities, works well for young athletes who dream of pursuing professional careers in athletics. Want to learn more about how to go pro? Contact Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy in Bridgewater and Pitman, NJ.

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SALA aims to safeguard talented young people from school – club conflict by unifying both worlds through cultural commonality and contemporary instructional design. Ultimately, the first factory model element to be relaxed during the recent global crisis was the industrial age seat time requirement…now that we have no more snow days we are realizing that learning is no longer constrained by time and place (not that it ever was), thus providing gifted and talented scholar athletes the flexibility in their schooling to pursue their dreams.

There is an implicit expectation on young players to prioritize their education or their sport, instead of taking a balanced, integrated approach to both. The confluence of school seat time requirements and increased club contact time necessary for accelerated development, has historically placed a significant burden and stress on the families of gifted scholar athletes. Players and families before now have faced a constant balancing/juggling act to maintain academic standing while dedicating the necessary time to their sport.