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Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy (SALA) is a Nationally Accredited and State-Registered Private School District.  SALA is (currently) comprised of three, independently accredited school campuses, offering a comprehensive 4th-12th grade specialized education and joyous learner experience. 

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Why Choose SALA?

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Young people at SALA thrive as part of a vibrant, inclusive, and leading-edge learning community. We prioritize the connectedness of the school experience with the aspirational real-life and real-world our scholar athletes wish to build for themselves; which allows all SALA stakeholders to fall (back) in love with school.

SALA is for young leaders and learners who want more from their school experience. Scholar athletes at SALA develop real-life and real-world entrepreneurial skills for today’s machine-driven, ever-changing job market, wider society and global community. SALA enables driven young people to cut out the noise and focus on the signal.

What Makes Our Schools and School District Special?


SALA school culture and climate ensures a customized learning experience that fosters personal growth and leadership development through authentic relationships, meaningful curricula, and the motivation and engagement provided by our tight-knit school family.

Coursing with creativity and imbuing joy in a life-long learning journey, SALA professional learning community builds responsive instructional architecture and contemporary curricula that provides a firm foundation for the future.

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What is a SALA Education?

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SALA’s Universal Design for Learning (UDL), higher expectations and contemporary instructional initiatives are intended to increase decision making (student agency) and decrease dependency; better preparing young people for the college and/or career to which they aspire. 

Our daily one-on-one tutoring allows for a completely personalized, scaffolded learner experience that speeds up or slows down according to a scholar athlete’s academic attainment. We also provide young leaders with smaller daily instructional groups, which increases the cultural feeling- tones of access, equity and efficacy for all. Highly qualified and master-level teachers, differentiate instruction according to a scholar athlete’s strengths, interests, and learner profile; consequently meeting each unique scholar athlete at their current level of attainment.

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Young people at SALA experience their learning journey through a synergistic blend of traditional and contemporary learning architecture; aligned with state learning standards, NCAA eligibility, and in-depth units of inquiry focused on key 21st century skills.

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Scholar Athletes receive professional instruction twice daily in highly-structured sport-specific programs and cross-over athletic performance training. By balancing the school day between academics and athletics that inspire, engage and motivate; scholar athletes at SALA actually look forward to school!

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At Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy, we believe in young people. We believe in their intelligence, resilience, and potential to become the heroes of their own story. The actionable habit formation and leadership skills fostered through targeted self-direction and the embedded school mentorship program, help propel our young leaders towards their best-fit college or career.

Parent Reflections

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We cannot overstate how satisfied we have been with our decision to send our son to SALA! The diverse curriculum and self-paced learning format have provided unique academic opportunities, promoted greater independence, and further developed his goal setting skills. The soccer training is second to none! International experiences and community service activities have contributed to greater cultural awareness. SALA has become an extended family that has the shared goal of producing not just great athletes and students, but great PEOPLE!!! Can you imagine never having to battle with your child about getting up for school? Neither could we…until now. This has been one of the better parenting decisions we’ve made and we look forward to repeating the process when our next son comes of age!

~ Brian & Harriet Redondo (Parents of Zachary, a recent graduate & 5-year soccer scholar athlete, and Jaxon, a current 7th grade & 2-year scholar athlete )

Our School DISTRICT by the Numbers

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of Scholar Athletes receive 1-on-1 academic support

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