SALA Admissions process

Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy (SALA) is a private school district where scholar athletes receive an education that is customized for the individual learner, including the academic curriculum, choice of sport, and cross-training components. Unlike many other private school admissions procedures, SALA offers rolling admissions to potential scholar athletes throughout the school year. The unique evaluation process for admission is handled by a team of faculty and executives while the applicant participates in a school “shadow day” day on campus in Bridgewater, Whippany, or Pitman, New Jersey.

A Better Admissions Model

The rolling admission policy at SALA provides parents and prospective scholar athletes with an opportunity to move at any point in the school year, whenever it becomes apparent that a change in school is needed. A private school that offers flexibility and a collaborative educational environment, we provide scholar athletes with leadership skills and a schedule that allows them to pursue both sporting and academic excellence. Leveraging contemporary learning architecture, one-on-one study/tutoring programs, small group instruction and a traditional direct-instruction classroom approach; once the scholar athletes start at SALA, they can adopt a flexible, collapsible and customized schedule that accommodates their academic and athletic obligations.

Intake Meeting & School Tour

The initial meeting with potential scholar athletes and their parents is scheduled with the Director of Admissions and Founder of SALA, Sam Gough. At this intake meeting, he will be able to answer any questions and explain in detail the growth mindset, leadership qualities, and customized curriculum offered by this private school. During the tour, prospective scholar athletes and their families can find out more about the school campus and programmatic offerings for ambitious scholar athletes, which includes twice-daily training and coaching, and a flexible schedule that accommodates team and club obligations.

The Shadow School Day

The best way for prospective scholar athletes to find out if SALA is the right fit for them, is to schedule a SALA shadow day. This is prearranged and can be booked through contacting our admissions team ( Shadowing young leaders and learners will be assisted throughout the day by current scholar athlete mentors, who will help them get around the campus, move between classes, and answer any questions. The potential applicant will play an appropriate sport that day and receive coaching in line with their athletic goals.

The Admissions Team Evaluation

During the shadow school day, the admission team at SALA, which consists of faculty and executives, will evaluate the potential applicant. They make their own observations as well as confer with the faculty and students with whom the applicant comes into contact during the shadow school day. In this way, the potential applicant experiences a day in the life of a scholar athlete at SALA, and the admissions team can make an evaluation. Within this process, the admissions team also notes the strengths and weaknesses exhibited by the student.

Schedule a Visit to any of our campuses

Would your child benefit from attending a private school that focuses on leadership skills and independent thinking? How about a schedule and supportive school ecosystem that enables scholar athletes to achieve their goals in both sports and academics? By scheduling an intake interview and school tour, you can tour the facilities at any of our New Jersey locations. With the shadow school day, scholar athletes can discover the excitement of individualized learning and coaching. Explore the benefits of SALA and its private school admissions process. For more information, contact us today.