Our Soccer Programs in Bridgewater and Pitman, New Jersey

At Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy (SALA ), we understand that serious athletes need flexibility in their education to pursue the best training and opportunities available. We offer middle-school soccer and high-school soccer programs, helping students reach their highest potential — both in classroom settings and on the field. Scholar athletes at SALA receive intensive sports instruction and skill development through twice-daily training sessions at our two campuses in Bridgewater and Pitman, NJ.

A Collaborative Athletic Environment

SALA is a “club-neutral” organization. This means we do not require our scholar athletes to affiliate with one specific soccer club. The SALA coaching staff is committed to supporting the many soccer clubs in our region. Our scholar athletes are highly encouraged to continue building their skills through participation in club soccer. We are proud to say that several SALA athletes currently play for many of the top clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Soccer players at SALA can also take advantage of our partnership with C.D. Numancia De Soria, a historic Segunda Division football club in Soria, Spain. The SALA Spanish Residency provides scholar athletes with a one-month training and study abroad immersion program during the academic year. This partnership also includes an exchange component where technical staff from C.D. Numancia De Soria visits SALA campuses here in New Jersey to train our scholar athletes.

Unifying Academics and Athletics

SALA offers a tailored educational environment that combines in-person and online learning. Our academic and athletic programs work synergistically to help scholars excel in athletics in college, their chosen careers, and other post-graduate pursuits. SALA offers flexibility so that scholars can meet their academic requirements while pursuing athletic excellence. SALA’s online curriculum through American High School (AHS) enables our students to obtain the prerequisites for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility.

With our commitment to leadership development and our first-class athletic training, students in grades 6 to 12 can find their home at SALA. Our balance of classroom study, sport-specific skill-building, and study abroad opportunities prepare SALA scholar athletes for their next steps after graduation.

Continued Support After Graduation

Soccer players at SALA can receive assistance from our faculty beyond graduation. SALA offers a Post-Graduate Studies Program in Sports & Leadership that includes:

  • Access to on-field soccer training sessions at either of SALA’s campuses
  • Participation in off-field physical training, such as yoga, strength, and conditioning, and speed and agility development
  • Involvement in showcase games throughout the academic year alongside the SALA Senior Team
  • Mentoring opportunities to work with younger athletes
  • Recruitment support for graduates interested in collegiate-level athletics

The Post-Graduate Studies Program in Sports & Leadership is a good fit for graduates who are looking to gain further academic and professional development before pursuing soccer at either the collegiate or professional level.

Learn More about the Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy Soccer Program

Our campuses in Bridgewater and Pitman, New Jersey provide a supportive environment for students to excel in sports while continuing to achieve success in the classroom. In addition to our middle-school soccer and high-school soccer programs, SALA offers a comprehensive basketball program and welcomes scholars from other sporting disciplines to grow at SALA. To learn more about SALA’s top-tier athletic programs, contact us today.